Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recent project for my family for Christmas.

Wanted to show you all what has taken all of my time in the last few weeks.
Money is really tight because of disability and wanted to do something nice for my family. I realized that there would be something that would be so special for them and make something that they could enjoy. I have the family pictures that range from the civil war to present.  So.... I took and scanned them into my computer and restored them so much better condition then when I got them.  This is a  collage of the pictures and that's cool  but I have done a movie with them to the song I will remember you.  I  thought it was very appropriate since remembering our past is the best way to celebrate our future. After all Christmas is for more than just money. I have worked on this project for at least 100 hours so I really hope they will love it. If they don't well then I still loved doing it.

To all of my friends and family across the internet Have a very happy Holiday and I love you all.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well as usual my world cotinues to fall apart

Well I haven't been on here because I just can't face all the crap that is going around and me scrambling to make my family and my life bearable.  The one things I did not put in the last post because I was trying to be positive.  Well positive sucks and it don't work!  I lost the appeal and now have no worker's comp again.  The woman made her word and turned me down because I got my disability through OPERS.  The one thing that I do want to say just because I don't care anymore is that the woman was dressed like a whore.  She had red patent leather gogo boots, a very short skirt and even lower cut shirt.  Apparently this is her way.  When I told my doc about the hearing after it was decided he said well "I could have told you that you would lose with her,  because she absolutely hates me and has slandered me all over."   He has been in contact with her supervisor several times but she continues to deny any of his claims.  Now how is it fair that me an innocent person gets caught up in their petty ass stupidity. I now have to pay back all of the money that I have gotten from workman's comp.  Pay it all back over $10000.  Now where in the bloody fucking hell am I going to get $10,000.  I can't pay my bills.  We've been on food stamps and I have to come up with $10000.  Well guess you can't get blood out of a stone.  My house isn't worth what we own on it. and my truck well it's a piece of shit.  So good luck guys I have NOTHING!!!!

And then there's more.  When they approved for the doctor to get paid apparently it was a pending.  As far as I knew it was marked approved.  I saw no pending on it or any other documents.  All of a sudden I get a denial for what they had already approved.  Well great now I have yet another hearing this Friday (the 13th.  Now come on who has a hearing on Friday the 13th.)  This one is to determine whether my doctor is going to get paid or not.  I've been seeing him since May at least 2 if not 3 days a week.  If they deny this I am stuck with paying this too.   I think he knows he's not going to get his money because all of a sudden he is very interested with making his case why he should see me.  Now where was he when I was trying to get my money.  No where near studying and making his case on why my back is messed up and that the nursing home was responsible for my injury.  I guess I'll have to lay it in the hands of fate because there is nothing more I can do about it.  They can't take anything, I have nothing.  And I give up.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here we go again

I got the letter from PERS stating that my disability benefits will be retroed back to August1.  Ok I love good news for a change even if it does last just a little while.  Let me soak this up that yes we will have SOME steady income so that hopefully I don't lose all that I have left,

I had my hearing with worker's comp today and the first thing that the hearing officer says is well I guess you need to speak up about your disability application as that will affect the ruling of today's hearing. WHOA  Bullshit.  I was forced to apply for PERS disability in order to have a family, house and at least a couple bills paid. and maybe more important reason is That I worked my  butt off  for them and they have been trying to feed me to the wolves.  Getting the disability was because of what has resulted from an injury at work.  The disability payment is quite low since I am supporting 5 people on it.  Well I answered her questions appropriately and I was almost ready to flip out a bit when the lawyer speaks up and say the one does not cancel the the other but supplements and work in combination and augments the other.

As usual they were saying that I was offered hours to work with accommodation and I refused.  Well that part was their burden of guilt and the fact that I was not given adequate accommodation and that I had cooperated with all other transitional duty assignments and they were grasping at straws instead of me for once.

One of the problems is that the hearing officer that we were before is very conservative and tends to side with the companies but the good part of her is that she is very thorough.  So  wish me luck I won't find out anything for week to 10 days, but I could sure use some positive energy right now.

Kitty  Chaos

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Finally some "good" news.

Well all I'm happy to tell you that I received the letter from OPERS that I have been approved for disability.  And even better yet I think that my place of employment has shown themselves to be just what they are liares.  Now remind you that they have done nothing but harass me, accuse me of "playing them" and telling me that I was worthless and had never done my job from day one.  When they took my office job away from me that I could do.  Then they took away my full time and expected me to work the floor and because of my restrictions put me on night shift as a floor nurse,  stating  that this was sufficient accommodations.  Now I'll remind you they had demanded that I take a functional capacity evaluation because they wanted to prove there was nothing wrong with me.  When that test stated that I was unable to tolerate  a 8 hour day or 40 hour week but if I was in a sedentary job could possibly tolerate an 8 hour day.  After the results of that test and because it didn't show them what they wanted they have attempted to ignore it like it never existed and have tried to force me to work the floor. ( In fact I received a certified letter telling me that I was to be placed on the schedule to work night shift after the 7th of October and if I did not return to work at that time I would be fired for not showing up for scheduled work.)  When my doctor and lawyer saw that they had no intention of honoring my restrictions in July they put me off work and applied for temporary total disability, it went to hearing and I was awarded full time benefits.  They have now appealed that decision and are trying to get them to make me pay back all of the benefits that I have received, and refuse me any further benefits.

My hope is that they signed my papers for OPERS saying that I was unable to work (which is true), they told unemployment I was unable to work, but told worker's comp that I can work with no problems.  Since they have made the statement to 2 different institutions that they will be seen that they are unable to tell the truth.  Now you can't have things both way and not be caught up and proven a liar.  My thought is they don't know which hand they are looking at now and are screwing themselves up which is a good thing for me.

I have a hearing on the 20th with worker's comp where they have told them and are trying to convince them that I should be sent back to work without restrictions and stating that they offered me work within my restriction and that I refused to take it therefore should not be receiving workman's comp at the same time they have signed that I am unable to work.  Anyway I am sure that worker's comp is going to look at that fact and deny their demands that I am to return to work without restrictions and deny their appeal to deny me my worker's comp benefit.  Makes sense doesn't it?   So I need all the positive thoughts I can to keep them from winning their appeal so that I can live at least slightly above the poverty level.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another example of work management stupidity

I think I mentioned earlier that I had a workman's comp hearing yesterday because work is saying they offered me work within my restrictions but I refused to participate.  Well I'm not stupid enough to refuse unless it's above my restrictions which they have chosen without a second thought to ignore this entire time.  Well the hearing didn't give the "county" the extra time they wanted so they gave a continuance.  Which oh well until I would lose that hearing whenever it will be I'll still get paid so no skin off my ass, they just screwed themselves a little more.

Fast forward to noon today.  The HR from work calls me and asks me to come meet with Dave (administrator and same one that told me I was faking and I'd better knock it off)and her about working within my restrictions.  Well first of all my restrictions are everything!  I'm on total temporary dis ability.  Get it TOTAL that means I totally can NOT work.  Duh----.  Well I told her that I would have to ask my lawter before I committed to anything.  Called the lawyer and he says absolutely do not talk to them or meet with them or anything.  Just tell them you are temporary total all activities are restricted you can do nothing for them.  The only way you will meet with them is if they send the lawyer and the doctor an EXACT description of what this job would entail and they would decide whether I could do them or not.  If they approve it and I go back the very first time that they force me to go beyond those restrictions I was done and that they would be sued for more than just my wages because it was guarantee I would get hurt again because of them and any ANY new injuries or exacerbation they can be sued for pain and suffering, effects on marriage etc because of then forcing me to perform beyond those restrictions.  So I called them back and told them what the lawyer said.  Man her response almost gave me frost bite but ohhhhhhh well poor baby.

I mean how stupid do they really think I am to come in there with administrator and HR with no one to stick up for me.  With 2 of them in on it they could say anything and back each other up even if it never happened or was said at all..  IF I meet with them it will be in a public place with either my lawyer or someone else to represent my interest with me.

The thing that I think is absolute hilarious is that they know they are fucked and I have the advantage.  Not only is it costing them dollar for dollar of what I am getting in increased premiums but when I get to the point that things aren't going to get any better they will have to pay me a settlement of $50000 or a monthly wage for the rest of my life.  They are shitting their pants right now and I find that I am really enjoying their panic  Everybody I have told in my family have said they know you WILL win and they are squirming big time.

All I can say is fuck em, cause lord knows they have harrased me for a  very long time and it's about time they got a little of it back.  If karma is true they will pay in the end and I won't have to do a damned thing to cause it.

Smiling and content
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two new members of our family

We now have 2 new members of our family.  Our neighbor was forced by the health dept and some other uptight parent in the neighborhood to tear down his barn.  Well he ended up in the hospital from the stress and his bitch of a sister took it upon herself to get the barn torn down and clean out his house.  (It really was a mess and is a huge Victorian farm house that belonged to the 100 acre farm that we all now call home in our neighborhood..)  The barn wasn't in real good shape and all kinds of animals lived in it.  Most of the animals were domestic but there were some coon, and possums in it at times.  This guys sister is apparently an animal hater and didn't feel she had to clear the animals out of the barn before they took the steam shovel to it.   I knew there were some feral cats in there because since George was in hospital/nursing home he wasn't feeding them they were coming to me for food.  (yes I'm marshmallow heart but I can't stand to see animals go hungry)  What I didn't know was there was a litter of kittens in there.  We were watching and almost crying because I knew there were animals in there and out run 2 tiny little kittens.  They can't be but about 4 or 5 weeks old and they were the only ones who made it out.  I don't know if they had siblings and don't know about mom but these 2 tiny kittens came running past us into the pine trees and ornamental grass that belong to the neighbor and these were all within their fence and they were at work.

We were in another neighbor's yard watching all this and "the bitch" decides to come over to talk with us and starts in about how all those fucking cats are worthless and inbred and George shouldn't be feeding them anyway because they need to just die and get it over with.  Well needless to say I about went through the roof but before I could say anything Debbie starts in on her about well do you think your blood is pure and you're perfect?  I got news for you bitch but you aren't anything but trash to even say anything like that.  She just sputtered and looked at us not saying anything but being properly dressed down.  In the end she just kind of snuck away.  Man I wanted to pop her but Debbie hit her hard enough with her words.  I'm not really that kind but damn it was hard to not to.

When the neighbors got home we dug around these huge pine trees with VERY sharp needles and in the ornamental grass.  Did you know that that stuff has hairs on it that get in your skin like fiber glass??  eek)   After a lot of scratches a fishing net and a LOT of cussing we come out with 2 kittens about 4 weeks old.  We could literally hold them in the palms of our hands.  They were scared and tired, thirsty and hungry.  We put them in small pet carrier and brought them home.  We gave them some tuna fish and man did they gobble that down so we knew they could eat on their own even though it would have been better for them to still be with mom but that wasn't an option. 

So.................. we have 2 new tiny little kittens and they are doing fantastic.  Rosie is an orange medium length hair female with blue eyes and Inky is black long haired male with blue eyes.  (Thank god for the humane society doing spaying and neutering.)  After the first day they didn't even act feral anymore and they have decided they like all the love and attention they are getting a lot from all of us and now have the run of the house.  It's fun to watch them play with each other and all of us.  Think I'm beginning to live in a zoo now.  But hey it's never boring.  We now have 3 dogs 4 cats and a rabbit living in our house.  Gotta love an protect animals cause if we don't no one will. 

Kitty Chaos

Sunday, September 13, 2009

One thing after another.

I am having the fun of trying to work my way through the bizarre world of workman's comp.  If anybody ever tells you it's easy believe you me they are lying to ya.  With workman's comp if you lie it's one thing you'll for sure get popped for but if your employer lies it is encouraged.  They can appeal any good ruling at least 3 times bringing out all kinds of outlandish accusations and statements with you having no civil recourse for their actions against you.  They can say whatever they want.  It is my job to prove that they are wrong.  How fair is that?

Hmmmm let me think of a few of the lies:
 1.  We laid her off and she has no rights because we did it for economics alone.  Well while I am "laid off", why are the  others that were supposedly lower than me in seniority are working 40 hours a week or more.  Me NONE. That is not laid off for economics that is just plain vindictive.
2.  We gave her a job with accomodations and she refused it. Their ideas of accomodations are that I work the floor on night shift every other weekend.  My restrictions are no lifting, no pushing or pulling of a #300 med cart, no stooping, kneeling or squatting.  Supposed to have a sedentary job.  I don't know what you know about nursing homes but even on night shift there is no way that it is sedentary.  Their expectaions are that a.  I have the ONE aide I have each night to push my cart for me when they have 2 peoples work to do already.  b.   I'm to prepull my meds for my med pass.  Well this is illegal and could cost me my license.  c. If someone needs help I'm to call the aide.  Well since there are only 3 aides in the building at night, my aide for at least half of the night is either on break or helping on the other ends.  How am I to call them when someone has fallen and I'm the only one there or if they are standing in the middle of the hall about to fall and you can't lift them.  c.  If there is any lifting to do I am to use the ceiling lifts or get help.  Well yes the ceiling lifts are great back savers you still have to get the sling under them and if they can't move on their own you have to do a lot of pushing, pulling and lifting to get the sling in place before they can be lifted.  And again what help?  c. As for the bottom drawer is where all liquids, countables, and narcotics are and I can't reach below my knees.  Their answer to that is to sit in a chair and take it down the hall with me along with pushing the #300 med cart and use the chair to get into the bottom drawer.  Well if you are reaching below your knees sitting and doing it is even more of a strain on the back than standing and doing it. 
 2.  She was like this all this time and we've been working with her anyway but we can't afford to any longer.  Well I worked 10 years (this time) for them 40 hours plus per week and functioned just fine with a few instances of being off ill.   After all I am human the last time I looked.
3. She is just playing the doctors and us she never even got hurt.  They demanded that I take a functional capacity exam because they said I was faking it all and "playing them"  Well that functional capacity exam not only proved I wasn't faking but said that I was doing more than I was even capable of  and therefore risking further more serious injury so that I could keep my job.  What was their excuse then for taking away the  job I could do and throwing me on the floor when they had the documentation of a functional capacity exam that they have chosen to totally ignore the results of that test and pretend it never was done because it doesn't agree with them.  (by the way my desk job is being done by an LPN that has been licensed for only a year and that job is required by state regs to be done by an RN)  My refusal was when they pulled me into the office and had my job description shoved in my face and asked if I could perform all of the duties in the description and me saying truthfully that I couldn't as if they didn't already know by my restrictions and the test.  I NEVER refused anything!

These have all been said to the industrial compensation board about me and I'm the one that has to prove that they aren't true without any legal recourse of defamation, harrassment, or any other way of civil litigation possible.

I had a hearing on the 21st of August and won that hearing so got back pay for July 10 through that date and supposed get  a check every 2 weeks for what they allow for full time.   By that time I had a threat of foreclosure on my home.  My utilities shut off and had absolutely no food in my house so had to applied for food stamps, and "welfare" .  If you think that didn't stick in my craw you're wrong.  I knew that there was a chance that they could appeal the hearing but didn't know that if this hearing would go against me I will have to pay all of that money back to the worker's comp by giving up whatever future worker's comp benefit I get if any and they will get 60% and I will get a whopping 40%.  What I was making at 100% wasn't covering everything.  So now I get to sit and wonder until after another hearing on the 23rd to see If I will have to pay what I got back.  So what I have gotten at this point is all I am going to get until after that hearing and maybe forever.  

Now mind  you all of this is with a damned good lawyer that specializes in workman's comp.  I can only imagine what it would be like on my own trying to navigate through this maze of legal bullshit.  He gets a third of whatever I get but without him I don't think I would have gotten anything.  In the mean time I have applied for disability from work but that is less than 1/2 of what I made so if you have any good positive thoughts, prayers, spells or whatever your belief,  I would really appreciate them at this point.  the idea of the food stamps and all that again is almost more than I can handle and have had almost as much as I can handle already.

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