Thursday, September 4, 2008

Political Frustrational opinion

I haven't done this before, but my buddy Malicious Intent has been "after me" to post so we can bitch back and forth at each other. I guess until now I just haven't felt strongly enough about anything to have the emotion or conviction to write anything more than comments. I know this can be just a fun thing and probably will be, but this is something I really feel strongly about and felt I needed to open my mouth (fingers) about this.
I'm an RN and a mom of 2 ADHD kids, an autistic (they are all adults), and an autistic grand daughter that lost her eye to retinoblastoma at 15 months and went through 2 years of cancer treatment. We have custody of her and she is doing great. She is almost 8 now. I have some medical problems myself and life right now is rather a struggle. Even worse and of concern to all of us. We have a country going to hell in a hand basket.
Our economy is in shambles and is only getting worse. Our gas prices are so high people can't afford to drive to work, food is too expensive to feed your family. Vacations? Hell they are totally out of the question. The political parties are at all time polarity with differences in beliefs. This may actually be a good thing, but I do feel as though that if the Republican party is successful in their goals there will no longer be any type of "class system" or family left in this country and there will only be the very rich and the very poor. Unfortunately most of us will be among the very poor.

I am medical professional and have been hearing a rumor within the medical community of a "plan" to tax every one's medical benefits. It has been written up in several journals but we all thought that it was so ridiculous it couldn't be more than just a rumor. Well I guess it is more than a rumor now. It has been brought to my attention that McCain's tax plan intends to increase each deduction for a child to $7000 each year. Well maybe that would be OK, but truthfully as a parent of special needs children even that isn't sufficient when in the lower or mid middle class. The biggest and most disturbing plan is to tax all medical benefits that you receive at when you are doing your best to provide for your family by working. The intent is all that your employer pays for your insurance will be taxed as income and on top of that, all the insurance claims that are payed by your insurance for your medical care will also be taxed as income. Meaning if you are unfortunate enough to have medical claims that are paid by insurance the total paid to your Dr. or hospital will also be taxed. So not only if you are unfortunate enough to have an illness and not get paid sufficient sick time,or ir any at all, even what your insurance pays will be considered income as if it were paid to YOU. If you are cursed enough to have cancer and your insurance pays $300,000 to your doctors and hospitals, you will be taxed as if you received that as payment for work. Now this has already begun to be implemented in part by the IRS. At the beginning of the year they began to be tax employees for any meals, cell phone access, or mileage payment as income as a dollar amount. I know this for a fact because we have meals available where I work and we are taxed on $4 a day as additional income. I mean I can handle that how after all how much can that be. I'd spend alot more going out to lunch. But medical benefits??? Not only will you be fighting for your life, you will be penalized for being "stupid" or unlucky enough to become ill, you might as well forget the insurance cause you might be better off without it. How is that fair?

Also planned by McCain Social security which our elderly have paid for their entire lives and the money that they paid has been taken and used for many other purposes including Bush's war, than what it was intended, will most certainly be discontinued. So our parents and grand parents will no longer have any income which they have paid for unless they were lucky enough to have a company pent ion. Truthfully there aren't many who do. Medicare will be almost definitely eliminated or reduced enough for it to be ineffective to keep our aged alive and well. They are already paying a minimum to nursing homes and doctors to the point that less and less physicians are even accepting medicare as payment and nursing homes are not being paid what it costs to care for our elderly to be cared for. (Don't believe the statement that medical professionals are paid more than they are worth. I haven't had a cost of living raise in more than 5 years, believe me they aren't getting what you think.) Medicaid has frozen payment to facilities and physicians for the last 5 years and payment is not actually based on cost but on what the government thinks they should pay or on what the cost was 5 years ago. With inflation being what it is costs are increasing and far from being frozen, costs are rising at an all time high.
Come on America is this really what is best for us?? It sure as hell isn't what my family needs or where my husband or father were proud to say they fought for. Maybe Obama isn't the best choice and maybe Biden isn't either, but it sure as fuck isn't the Republican party that is the solution. That will only be our downfall!!!