Monday, September 8, 2008

More Republican Bullshit

Problem Solved?
We have an assignment for you. Just last week, The Dallas Morning News interviewed Sen. John McCain’s healthcare advisor and co-author of his health plan, John Goodman. Here's a clip from the article:
Mr. Goodman, who helped craft Sen. John McCain's health care policy, said anyone with access to an emergency room effectively has insurance, albeit the government acts as the payer of last resort. (Hospital emergency rooms by law cannot turn away a patient in need of immediate care.)
"So I have a solution. And it will cost not one thin dime," Mr. Goodman said. "The next president of the United States should sign an executive order requiring the Census Bureau to cease and desist from describing any American – even illegal aliens – as uninsured. Instead, the bureau should categorize people according to the likely source of payment should they need care.
"So, there you have it. Voila! Problem solved."
The Huffington Post, the top news blog on the Internet, has picked up on this story and has provided a substantial rebuttal. But there is one voice that’s entirely lacking in this debate: the caregiver perspective.
Lab technicians, psychologists, EMTs, nurses and others—what do you think about Goodman’s proposal? How can you relate your experiences as a healthcare professional to this crackpot solution? Remember, as caregivers, we’re the experts here.

I received this in my email today from a nursing alliance that I belong to. I know people hate Doctors and emergency rooms. Believe it or not we hate them too. (a lot of docs do too.)The medical community's management is all big business. (Well obviously they don't want ER's used as "insurance) but they are as political and corrupt as the people who are running this contry at this time. What they don't tell you is that they only have to give out enough medical care to rapay grants etc from government. Yes the ermergency rooms are required to treat anyone regardless of ability to pay. That's called the Hill Burton act. What he isn't taking into account is that the hospitals can and will transfer anyone that is "stable" to another hospital if they have fulfilled their repayment of this act. It doesn't take a whole lot to fulfill their obligation if they are a hospital with high traffic. They also don't tell you that in order for the bill to be paid IF that hospital still has an obligation at all, the person has to be so below the poverty level that it is almost impossible to be helped by the act, not to mention that the hospital will sue your ass as soon as you say you can't pay. It used to be you could pay 5 a month and they couldn't do anything. Not anymore they like all big business, they will require you to pay whatever amount they want a month in order for them not to take you to court.

The Republicans and admitedly some Democrats don't want you all to know what it's really like. They don't want you to know that the nurses are being worked to the point of exhaustion and that they are being stretched so thin that the nurses are working as aides, housekeeping, lab assistants etc. So while you are in the hospital the nurses you have really are trying to do their jobs and help you but they are being treated just as disrespectedly as you are. We get placed in jobs that we were not trained for and expected to meet all standards. (Training and schooling costs to much.) Like everything else, it all comes to big business.

Thought you all might be interested.
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