Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another example of work management stupidity

I think I mentioned earlier that I had a workman's comp hearing yesterday because work is saying they offered me work within my restrictions but I refused to participate.  Well I'm not stupid enough to refuse unless it's above my restrictions which they have chosen without a second thought to ignore this entire time.  Well the hearing didn't give the "county" the extra time they wanted so they gave a continuance.  Which oh well until I would lose that hearing whenever it will be I'll still get paid so no skin off my ass, they just screwed themselves a little more.

Fast forward to noon today.  The HR from work calls me and asks me to come meet with Dave (administrator and same one that told me I was faking and I'd better knock it off)and her about working within my restrictions.  Well first of all my restrictions are everything!  I'm on total temporary dis ability.  Get it TOTAL that means I totally can NOT work.  Duh----.  Well I told her that I would have to ask my lawter before I committed to anything.  Called the lawyer and he says absolutely do not talk to them or meet with them or anything.  Just tell them you are temporary total all activities are restricted you can do nothing for them.  The only way you will meet with them is if they send the lawyer and the doctor an EXACT description of what this job would entail and they would decide whether I could do them or not.  If they approve it and I go back the very first time that they force me to go beyond those restrictions I was done and that they would be sued for more than just my wages because it was guarantee I would get hurt again because of them and any ANY new injuries or exacerbation they can be sued for pain and suffering, effects on marriage etc because of then forcing me to perform beyond those restrictions.  So I called them back and told them what the lawyer said.  Man her response almost gave me frost bite but ohhhhhhh well poor baby.

I mean how stupid do they really think I am to come in there with administrator and HR with no one to stick up for me.  With 2 of them in on it they could say anything and back each other up even if it never happened or was said at all..  IF I meet with them it will be in a public place with either my lawyer or someone else to represent my interest with me.

The thing that I think is absolute hilarious is that they know they are fucked and I have the advantage.  Not only is it costing them dollar for dollar of what I am getting in increased premiums but when I get to the point that things aren't going to get any better they will have to pay me a settlement of $50000 or a monthly wage for the rest of my life.  They are shitting their pants right now and I find that I am really enjoying their panic  Everybody I have told in my family have said they know you WILL win and they are squirming big time.

All I can say is fuck em, cause lord knows they have harrased me for a  very long time and it's about time they got a little of it back.  If karma is true they will pay in the end and I won't have to do a damned thing to cause it.

Smiling and content
Kitty Chaos