Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here we go again

I got the letter from PERS stating that my disability benefits will be retroed back to August1.  Ok I love good news for a change even if it does last just a little while.  Let me soak this up that yes we will have SOME steady income so that hopefully I don't lose all that I have left,

I had my hearing with worker's comp today and the first thing that the hearing officer says is well I guess you need to speak up about your disability application as that will affect the ruling of today's hearing. WHOA  Bullshit.  I was forced to apply for PERS disability in order to have a family, house and at least a couple bills paid. and maybe more important reason is That I worked my  butt off  for them and they have been trying to feed me to the wolves.  Getting the disability was because of what has resulted from an injury at work.  The disability payment is quite low since I am supporting 5 people on it.  Well I answered her questions appropriately and I was almost ready to flip out a bit when the lawyer speaks up and say the one does not cancel the the other but supplements and work in combination and augments the other.

As usual they were saying that I was offered hours to work with accommodation and I refused.  Well that part was their burden of guilt and the fact that I was not given adequate accommodation and that I had cooperated with all other transitional duty assignments and they were grasping at straws instead of me for once.

One of the problems is that the hearing officer that we were before is very conservative and tends to side with the companies but the good part of her is that she is very thorough.  So  wish me luck I won't find out anything for week to 10 days, but I could sure use some positive energy right now.

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