Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well I guess now I have all the time in the world to actually be on here now because I'm officially unemployed. When they told us that they were going to abolish our full time jobs we were promised at least 16 to 32 hours. Well the Dr. found out I wasn't being allowed to follow my restrictions and put me off for 2 weeks (est.) He let me go back after 1 wk. I went into work on the 6th of July, went into my office turned my computer on as usual but when I tried to log in I found out I had been locked out. Everybody kept saying you aren't supposed to be here. That made me really nervous cause I knew it wouldn't be a good thing. Now mind you we were still supposed to be full time until the 11th. I asked around as to why and no one supposedly knows anything. When the DON came in I asked her what was going on and she says "I don't know I guess you'll have to talk to Dave, and you aren't supposed to be here. (The lying fucking bitch!!!!!!!!!) I went on with my work etc that I could do without the computer and kept looking for Dave but he was obviously avoiding me. Well about noon he calls me to his office and there he sits at his desk and the business manager was in the other chair. KNEW this could NOT be a good thing.

He has me shut the door and has me sit down. Then he starts his bullshit spiel. He says all kinds of stuff that I already knew, but then. He says your job has been abolished and there is no longer going to be a restorative nurse. OK this is my desk job that I CAN do without problems and they've taken it away. Then he shoves my job description in my face and says can you perform all of these duties. I told him he knows I can't, They made me take a functional capacity exam that says that I am incapable of sustaining and 8 hour day or 40 hours week unless I am completely sedentary. Now mind you I blew out my back there for the 3rd time. When I tell him he knows I can't he says well then you are done. Hand me your master key and go clear out your office. So now they've gotten their way I have no choice but to apply for disability. I'm still working with the workman's comp lawyer who says he's going to get them for it, but that doesn't feed my family or keep my house now. Now I'm the ONLY RN cut to part time and the LPN's that were supposed to being cut to part time are all working 40 hours a week. Me I have NO hours. Well lawyer is going after them for violating ADA also. Man I can't wait.

I absolutely hate this but I am going to have to go to JFS and ask for a voucher to go to one of the food pantries and help to pay my utilities. I mean I was pay check to pay check as it was and I was off work a lot. I'm not getting paid for the week that I was off so my check was one quarter of what it normally is. I'm at the end of my rope here. I applied to unemployment cause they said as long as I can do ANY Job even with restrictions I qualify. Problem is I won't even begin to get a check until like the 3rd or 4Th week after I applied. No one is going to wait that long. God I hate this. I mean I'm an RN and we are supposed to be recession proof occupation. Not anymore.

Sorry to vent.
Kitty Chaos

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