Saturday, October 10, 2009

Finally some "good" news.

Well all I'm happy to tell you that I received the letter from OPERS that I have been approved for disability.  And even better yet I think that my place of employment has shown themselves to be just what they are liares.  Now remind you that they have done nothing but harass me, accuse me of "playing them" and telling me that I was worthless and had never done my job from day one.  When they took my office job away from me that I could do.  Then they took away my full time and expected me to work the floor and because of my restrictions put me on night shift as a floor nurse,  stating  that this was sufficient accommodations.  Now I'll remind you they had demanded that I take a functional capacity evaluation because they wanted to prove there was nothing wrong with me.  When that test stated that I was unable to tolerate  a 8 hour day or 40 hour week but if I was in a sedentary job could possibly tolerate an 8 hour day.  After the results of that test and because it didn't show them what they wanted they have attempted to ignore it like it never existed and have tried to force me to work the floor. ( In fact I received a certified letter telling me that I was to be placed on the schedule to work night shift after the 7th of October and if I did not return to work at that time I would be fired for not showing up for scheduled work.)  When my doctor and lawyer saw that they had no intention of honoring my restrictions in July they put me off work and applied for temporary total disability, it went to hearing and I was awarded full time benefits.  They have now appealed that decision and are trying to get them to make me pay back all of the benefits that I have received, and refuse me any further benefits.

My hope is that they signed my papers for OPERS saying that I was unable to work (which is true), they told unemployment I was unable to work, but told worker's comp that I can work with no problems.  Since they have made the statement to 2 different institutions that they will be seen that they are unable to tell the truth.  Now you can't have things both way and not be caught up and proven a liar.  My thought is they don't know which hand they are looking at now and are screwing themselves up which is a good thing for me.

I have a hearing on the 20th with worker's comp where they have told them and are trying to convince them that I should be sent back to work without restrictions and stating that they offered me work within my restriction and that I refused to take it therefore should not be receiving workman's comp at the same time they have signed that I am unable to work.  Anyway I am sure that worker's comp is going to look at that fact and deny their demands that I am to return to work without restrictions and deny their appeal to deny me my worker's comp benefit.  Makes sense doesn't it?   So I need all the positive thoughts I can to keep them from winning their appeal so that I can live at least slightly above the poverty level.

Kitty Chaos