Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recent project for my family for Christmas.

Wanted to show you all what has taken all of my time in the last few weeks.
Money is really tight because of disability and wanted to do something nice for my family. I realized that there would be something that would be so special for them and make something that they could enjoy. I have the family pictures that range from the civil war to present.  So.... I took and scanned them into my computer and restored them so much better condition then when I got them.  This is a  collage of the pictures and that's cool  but I have done a movie with them to the song I will remember you.  I  thought it was very appropriate since remembering our past is the best way to celebrate our future. After all Christmas is for more than just money. I have worked on this project for at least 100 hours so I really hope they will love it. If they don't well then I still loved doing it.

To all of my friends and family across the internet Have a very happy Holiday and I love you all.

Kitty Chaos
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